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Paul White, Executive Development Coach (CA, ACC)

Paul White, Director of Free2grow International, is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in coaching senior executives, business owners/leaders and high potential individuals who wish to realise their career dreams.  He has more than 20 years of international experience in finance, systems implementation, sales and coaching in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. He has held operational management positions, overseeing multi-ethnic teams in FMCG, IT and private accounting companies. Paul holds a business degree, communications diploma and chartered accountancy certification from the Australia New Zealand Chartered Accountants society.

An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and career transition specialist, Paul has been actively involved in personal executive and career coaching in Dubai since 2009, building on his previous informal coaching experience as a manager. He is currently a senior coach with Sandpiper Coaching and LHH Gulf and recently enjoyed four years as the career coach for the British University in Dubai.

His overriding objective is to see people lead fulfilling lives by raising their personal vision and by witnessing a shift in their attitudes and actions. This leads to the fulfillment of the client’s potential, both on a personal and professional level.

Paul is a DiSC Behavioural Consultant and is currently seeking to extend his International Coaching Federation qualification to Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  He is currently participating in the advanced coaching school of Corporate CoachU.

Paul White, Career Coach

Daniel Ough, Executive and Career Coach (Fellow CIBSE, IEE)

Daniel Ough, founder of Sandpiper Coaching and Jobsearchhelp.net, is a Chartered Engineer. Daniel has worked in over 20 countries in senior engineering positions in the private and public sector. Daniel is a hands-on executive and career coach who thrives on helping people at all levels succeed. He draws from a career that spans 40 years and from his multicultural experience as an expat in the Far East, West Indies and the Middle East.

Daniel was actively involved in career coaching in Dubai for seven years. While in Dubai he was the careers columnist and feature writer for the Gulf News’ Friday magazine for five years and was a regular guest presenter on career-related issues for Dubai Eye and Radio 2 call-in shows and on City 7 TV. He was featured on “Quest Means Business” on the CNN television network. To hear radio podcasts or to view TV appearances click here.

Daniel’s personal executive and career coaching clients range from new graduates to corporate vice presidents and non-profit CEO’s. He was appointed to provide career advice and coaching at 10 schools, colleges and universities in the UAE. In addition to working with individual clients he has coached corporate teams.

Daniel has received the CEG designation from Coach U. He is a Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant.

Daniel Ough, Career Coach

Brad Penner, Career Coach (BA, MBA)

Brad Penner has 10 years of international experience designing and implementing projects in North America, the Middle East and Africa. He has directed multi-ethnic teams of several hundred people. Brad has completed a Bachelor in Business Administration from Canada and a Master’s in Business Administration from the United States.

Brad has a passion for helping high potential individuals utilise opportunities presented during times of transition and change in a way that allows them to excel professionally and personally. He has been involved in training and coaching in Oman and in the United Arab Emirates since 2012. Having transitioned across industries and continents, he has the experience, complemented by Sandpiper Coaching tools, to help individuals navigate diverse business environments.



Brad Penner, Career Coach

Heather Eberle, Career Coach

Heather graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Business with a concentration in International Business and Finance. She then worked in management consulting for a boutique consulting firm. Following this, she earned an MBA from Thunderbird School of Management and was hired by a top-tier consulting firm where she worked until moving to Asia to lead the regional office of a private equity firm.

Heather transitioned into coaching after informally mentoring and coaching within her previous roles and is passionate about helping people live their passion, unlock their potential, and achieve higher performance. Heather has coached middle managers and executives in privately held and publically traded companies in a wide variety of cross-cultural settings. Heather is currently pursing a certification with the International Coach Federation having completed a certificate of professional coaching through North Point Coaching Academy.



Heather Eberle, Career Coach

Jeanie Ough, Career Coach (BA, JD)

Jeanie Ough practiced law in the USA for over 25 years. For most of her legal career she worked with the non-profit law firm of Bay Area Legal Services in Tampa, Florida, leading a special unit providing legal assistance to elderly citizens and later serving as deputy director of the firm.

In 2003 Jeanie was appointed human resources and office manager for the Dubai office of a global law firm where her responsibilities included recruitment, appraisals, support staff management and supervision, and facilities management.

In 2007 Jeanie joined Sandpiper Coaching, where she served as a career coach with the British University in Dubai as well as working with individual clients and corporate teams. Jeanie has received the CEG designation from Coach U. With her husband Daniel, Jeanie has written a book, "Working in the Gulf," published by Explorer Publishing.


Jeanie Ough, Career Coach

Anna White, CV Coach (BAppSc)

Anna joined Sandpiper Coaching as CV Coach, desiring to enable individuals as they seek gratifying careers. Anna brings with her 13 years of experience living in the Arabian Gulf and enjoys relating to the diversity of clients present in the area.

Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science in occupational therapy, Anna has used her professional expertise to enable rehabilitating individuals to develop functional life and job skills in Australia, the United Kingdom and in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to her role as CV Coach, Anna works as an executive assistant to a school principal. As the mother of four young children, Anna knows first-hand the challenges of returning to work and maintaining a healthy balance between career and family life.



Sandpiper Coaching

Sandpiper Coaching is a division of Free2grow International, providing career coaching worldwide.

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Anna White, CV Coach